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V. M. Kotlyakov, V. G. Zakharov, M. Yu. Moskalevsky. The remote sensing of the Antarctic ice sheet margin's dynamics

The satellite images received in the second part of XX century for the marginal zone of Antarctic ice sheet is analyzed. These data are classified on 12 Antarctic ice-catchments and are the basis of database on remote sensing of the marginal part of Antarctic Ice Sheet, that is the actual task, all the projects for studing of Antarctic Ice Sheet. The detailed study has been carried out for King George Island ice cap - the largest from ice caps of South Shetland Islands. According to the aerial-photo and satellite images of visible range the dynamics of outlet Lange Glacier over the period of 40 years is estimated. Based on backscattering parameters of subsurface sequence obtained from radar images two radar glaciological zones: central and peripheral which well correlated with accumulation and ablation areas and ELA position in the late summer of 1995/96 are picked out. Fulfilled studies show the perspectives of remote sensing monitoring of the Antarctic Ice Sheet margin's dynamics.

предыдущая главасодержаниеследующая глава

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